• How Access Manager Helps

    Too Many Systems, Too Hard to Track What Employees Have Access To?



    • Too Many Systems
    • Teams have different Needs
    • Access Changes
    • How to Track?


    • Unified Tracking
    • Approvals by System
    • Tracks Team Access
    • Tracks Off-Boarding
    • Flexible Access


    • Easier Tracking
    • Better Security
    • Correct Access
    • Happier Employees
  • Making HR & IT Life Easier

    • When you hire a new developer, who knows what they should have access to, which company-wide, team-wide, project-side systems plus all the SaaS tools, databases, Git, and much else? 
    • How to track it, with so many systems, so many people coming & going, all the changes, etc. 
    • How to know what they should have, manage changes, and make sure they are really authorized ? 
    • How to make sure it gets done, especially for off-boarding, when it’s critical to remove access in a timely manner ?

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    Define Access Roles for Every System

    Every System Has Clear & Defined Roles

    Document & define exactly who should have access to every system, using what role, and why.

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    Define Access Roles for Every Team

    Unified View, Data, Rules, Run

    Combined Metrics, Audits, Configs, Events and Expert Systems with Runbook and Auto-Healing to fix things. Reducing MTTR every day.

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    Easily Add, Remove, and Change Employees

    Deal with Docker, ServerLess, Lambda, etc.

    Dynamic Discovery with Deep CMDB, Models, and multi-source Confirmation ensure you can Manage, Monitor, and Track everything everywhere as it changes.

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    Route for Approvals & Execution

    Change Everything, Every Day

    Full system models, reverse, change engineering and automation allow easy DevOps support, faster changes, new system builds, and documentation to track it all.

  • Simplify your HR & IT Employee Access Management with the only Unified Access Platform

    Built on Years of System & Employee Access Management

  • How It Works

    The Access Manager Process


    Define Systems & Roles

    Define all your systems, teams, and their roles. Change anything at any time, everyone is updated.


    Add/Change Users

    Add new users or employees as needed. Their access is routed for approval and tracked.


    Approve & Grant

    New users get approved and routed to SysAdmins for actual access. All tracked and audited.


    Disable on Exit

    Remove employees when they leave, and track to ensure their access is really disabled.