• Our Story

    Managing New & Ex-Employees' Access is Challenging

  • Access Manager - Born of Necessity

    From many years of managing lots of employees and systems


    Access Manager is the results of years of pain in managing hundreds of employees on and off-boardings, on dozens of systems across many teams and projects. We looked far & wide for tools to help us, but everyone wants everything to be single-sign-on and in Active Directory. But that's not reality for many SaaS systems, certainly for most developer tools & systems, and more broadly for many things employees use every day.


    Given these challenges, we've been thinking about this type of tool for a long time, and finally are building and sharing it with everyone.

    Access Manager Now

    We've launched our first commercial version of this systems, which is in limited beta testing now, with wider availability this summer.

    Where We Are Going

    We are just getting started, as our vision and roadmap includes lots more features and especially integrations, so soon you'll be able to automatically grant access directly from our platform. We'll initially support Google's G-Suite and a variety of other common Saas and startup-friendly systems.