• Product Manager

    Change the Ops World via Technical Product Management

  • Background & Why OpsStack

    Ops, DevOps, and IT are entering a brave new world of dynamic systems, faster deployments, hybrid environments, continual change, and more. We have a mass of disjointed point solutions but no full-stack full-lifecycle platforms.


    Moving to micro-services, serverless, Lambda, and hybrids makes this more complex & harder to document, manage, or troubleshoot. Ops is not getting easier, nor their tools better.


    What if we can fix all this ? What if we can provide a single unified operations platform integrating design, build, change, monitoring, expert systems, reverse engineering, security, performance, SRE, logging, CMDB, audit, and much more? For the full-stack (cloud, OS, services, serverless) and full life-cycle (forward, reverse, change engineering and management) ?


    This is not easy, but our decade of deep experience managing the world's largest systems has given us the background and expertise to do what must be done. We've been building these tools for many years, so now is the time to bring these to the world at large.


    You can be part of this team, as we finish productizing and building out the first generation of this platform, laying the groundwork to take over the world of operations.


    You will also be among the first hires, and thus set the tone and culture of the company for the years to come.

    Responsibilities & The Job

    Product Management is a core role in building OpsStack, as this is a large and complex product in a fast-moving world. We do dozens of things, and can do hundreds more, but we really need to spend time with customers, partners, and industry players to really define and drive the product and platform.


    Product Management:

    Drives our features, requirements, documentation, and acceptance processes for smooth sequencing, delivery, and integration of new features and enhancements.


    Suggest you review this great article on What Makes a Great Product Manager as we agree.


    You must understand the technology to some degree, the market a lot, and the customer for sure. Expect a lot of customer face time, and a lot of discussion over what matters, to who, and why.


    This is an exciting job at the forefront of Cloud and DevOps technologies; however, it's not easy. Our job is to run the Ops world, and last time we looked, that world had a lot of moving parts, technologies, and players. Understanding all of it, all the time, is not for the faint-of-heart. There is a LOT to understand, and it'll feel overwhelming at first, but we'll help you through it.


    This is a perfect job for a mid-level Product Manager looking to move up and lead a product and a team.

    Experience & About You

    You need several years Product Management experience. In a seriously technical product. Ideally in SaaS, IT, and Cloud. You don't need to be an engineer, but thinking like one will help; a lot. You need to be respected by engineers and the customer.


    This is an Ops & Cloud product, perhaps so you should have experience managing Linux Systems at some level AND in managing AWS cloud resources at some level - we will put you through AWS training, too. You will become intimately familiar with these systems this year and the more you know now, the better off you'll be.


    You also need experience in Story, Project Management, and Roadmap tools, and be able to talk about their use, misuse, and best practices. We are based on Pivotal, which we don't love, but have adapted to over the years.


    Beyond that, it's mostly about cultural fit as we work hard, speak up a lot, go to bat for the customers, and the team, all the time.

    Applying for this role

    To apply, please send your resume and an overview of why this is the role for you, and how well you fit the article referenced above.


    We strongly encourage a diverse workforce & a wide pool of applicants. We are everything-friendly.


    Send to: Jobs (at) OpsStack.io